A Custom Suit Is The Next Level Up From Off The Rack Clothes

A custom suit is the next level up from off the rack clothes. Whether it’s MTM, full bespoke or somewhere in between, you’ll have the option to choose everything from lapel style (notch, peaked or shawl) to pocket design (jetted, flap, patch) and even button color. A custom suit can also be made to match a waistcoat or blazer, giving you the ability to add British elements like a hacking pocket and Italian elements like tapered pants and a flat cap.

Off the rack suits are cut to fit the average male body, but they still need to be tailored to your particular shape. This will add to the cost. Expect to spend $50-100 on basic alterations, such as getting the pants hemmed and sleeves shortened.

When you get a made to measure or fully bespoke suit, the fabric choices are wider, including expensive linens and cashmere. You’ll also be able to have your suit partially canvassed, which adds shape and durability – or fully canvassed, which removes all linings and is the top choice for a truly luxury tailor-made suit.

When choosing a tailor, ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues. You’ll want a tailor who takes pride in the finished product and cares about his work. If possible, find a visual of the style of suit you are after (the classy Fred Astaire or George Clooney suits, for example). This can help your tailor understand exactly what you’re after. Custom suit

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