Gamo Air Pistols

Air pistols are BB guns that use compressed air or carbon dioxide (C02) to propel the ammunition down the barrel. They are widely used for plinking and target shooting at short to medium range. They are also popular for ISSF 10 meter air pistol and rifle shooting sports events, and can be shot in areas where firearms are not permitted. Gamo offers a wide selection of high quality compressed air and CO2 pistols that combine speed, power and accuracy.

The power source of an air gun determines the performance characteristics. The largest category is the piston-powered air pistols that utilize an internal cylinder to store the compressed air until it is released by a pressure switch or the trigger pull. These pistols are more powerful than a similar pistol powered by CO2 because the air stored in the cylinder is at higher pressure.

Piston-powered pistols are available in a wide variety of styles and prices, from inexpensive models to high end competition models. They are usually single-shot, and the number of shots per fill depends on the gun design and air reservoir capacity. Some pistols are designed to jam their pump lever when the maximum pressure limit is reached, which is a safety feature.

The second largest category is the multi-stroke pneumatic air pistols. These pistols are pumped using a series of strokes to achieve variable power levels for target shooting and hunting. They are more versatile than spring guns, but still relatively simple to operate and maintain. The power they generate varies from 20 foot-pounds up to 50 foot-pounds of energy. airsoft gear

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