How to Use Retinoin Cream uk

If you have been prescribed tretinoin cream uk it will probably be for acne, although it can also help with age-related concerns like fine lines and wrinkles. The active ingredient is a form of Vitamin A and it works to boost the skin’s natural cell turnover. This helps to keep pores clear and, in turn, prevents breakouts.

In terms of how tretinoin is used, it should only be applied in the evenings and should not be used on sunburned or irritated skin. GPs and dermatologists generally start people off on a low strength, for example, 0.025% or 0.05%, before increasing it gradually. It can take weeks or even months to see the effects of tretinoin, but you should continue with it as long as your GP or dermatologist thinks it’s safe for you.

It’s worth mentioning that tretinoin can be a bit drying, which is why it’s recommended to use it with a gentle and bland moisturiser. You’ll also need to avoid exfoliants, astringents, shaving gels and soaps as well as hair dyes or perms if you’re using tretinoin. It’s also advisable to use an SPF of 30 or more every day as your skin will be more sensitive to harmful UV rays while you’re using it.

Obagi offers a wide range of products that contain retinol and prescription tretinoic acid, including a range of ointments and gels. For more information about tretinoin or other retinol products, please speak to your Obagi nurse who will be able to help you. tretinoin cream uk

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