Nusa Penida Travel Guide

There’s plenty to do on Nusa Penida, from relaxing on postcard-worthy beaches to exploring pristine nature and dramatic cliffs. It’s also home to a number of temples and offers great hiking, snorkelling and diving opportunities.

To get the most out of Nusa Penida, we recommend staying on the island at least three days and doing a few day trips to explore the highlights. You can either rent a scooter or hire a car with a driver to explore the island independently, or join a prearranged tour package, such as this one by GetYourGuide, that includes hotel transfers, fast boat tickets and an island tour.

The best time to visit Nusa Penida is from December to April, when the hills will be a perfect green colour. In contrast, during the summer they will be dry and brown, making them less appealing to tourists.

Some of the most impressive views on Nusa Penida are from the cliff tops, such as Banah Cliff, Saren Cliff or Kelingking Beach. These spectacular vantage points are accessible by climbing down a steep staircase or, in the case of Kelingking Beach, a rocky trail.

While there are a few spots that still retain the feeling of being undiscovered, many of the most popular landmarks on Nusa Penida have become overrun by touristy infrastructure such as watchtowers, heart-shaped benches and swings. To minimise this impact, we recommend seeking out local businesses and spending your money wisely when visiting popular landmarks on the island.nusa penida private boat tour

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