Productive Families in Riyadh

In a typical Saudi household, men hold the highest authority and are responsible for family finances, security and safety. Women are expected to look after the home, provide emotional and spiritual support and prepare food. They are also encouraged to participate in the economy and work outside the home. Male children are expected to follow in their father’s footsteps and take up a career in the military or government.

In the context of these traditional values, many of the Productive families are based in Riyadh’s more conservative neighborhoods and tend to dress in a thobe and ghutrah, while their wives wear the hijab and niqab. This is a contrast to the more liberal parts of the Kingdom, where many women are allowed to wear Western clothes in public.

A few FSEs also promote themselves through social media platforms. However, they often face challenges such as lack of time and limited marketing reach. For instance, Mathaqi App is a social business that helps connect home chefs and consumers by using an online platform. Its founder, Nouf Alsaleem, says that more than 80 productive families in Riyadh are currently using the platform.

The Social Development Bank (SDB) launched the second Saudi-Emirati Productive Families Exhibition in Riyadh, aimed at supporting the financial sustainability and growth of micro-enterprises. Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, Emirati minister of community development, and SDB CEO Ibrahim bin Hamad Al-Rashid inaugurated the event. In addition to supporting the financial sustainability of the enterprises, this initiative aims to empower and assist their creativity, productivity and entrepreneurship, in line with Vision 2030’s themes of building a modern society and developing families (Saudi Arabia, 2013). It also focuses on raising awareness about family-based businesses. اسر منتجة الرياض

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