Reusable Milk Storage Bags

A lot of time, energy and cash go into expressing breast milk for your baby, so you want to keep it safe. Luckily, there are many options for storing your liquid gold that will be easy on the eyes (and hands). Our favorite is a set of reusable milk storage bags made from silicone. They’re BPA-free, heat-resistant and take up less space in the fridge or freezer than glass jars. Plus, they’re a great choice for eco-conscious moms because the process to make silicone requires less energy than making plastic containers.

The Evenflo Feeding Advanced bags have a wide opening to make pouring milk in and out simple. They also have a convenient label to write info on and can be thawed without the need for an ice pack. In our testing, however, the first zip tended to leak milk from the top (even with a double zipper). Women report that it’s also hard to pump directly into these bags.

The Momcozy silicone breastmilk storage bags have a knob cap that makes it really easy to pour milk in and out. They were also the most durable in our testing and are freezer-, fridge- and travel-safe. They also have a handle on the side for easy carrying and come with tags to label. However, they don’t lay quite as flat in the fridge and freezer and are a bit more expensive than other reusable breastmilk bags. reusable milk storage bags

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