Using Crystal Bracelets to Manifest Your Desired Reality

A crystal bracelet is a piece of jewellery made with natural gemstones believed to have healing properties. It is believed that crystals act as a conduit for energy that can help enhance your mood, promote relaxation, balance and positive energy.

There are many different crystals and stones that have different metaphysical properties, so you should consider the purpose of your bracelet before selecting one. For example, rose quartz is associated with love and compassion whilst amethyst reduces stress. Fertility-boosting crystals like lava stone, leopardskin jasper and moonstone encourage a healthy reproductive system. Prosperity-attracting crystals such as citrine, sardonyx, pyrite and cat’s eye stone bring wealth into your life.

You should also pay attention to the cut of the gemstones on your crystal bracelet. This can have an impact on their abilities too. For example, round spherical stones will radiate equally in all directions, whereas wavy or chipped crystal beads have a more concentrated flow of energy.

To recharge your crystal bracelet, place it on a large crystal cluster or geode overnight. This allows the crystals to absorb a full charge of new energies that they can then share with you.

Crystals are powerful tools for manifesting your desired reality, whether that’s landing your dream job or finding a loving partner. Crystal bracelets make it easy to carry that positive energy with you throughout the day, so that no matter what challenges life throws at you, you will have the support of your healing crystals. crystal bracelets

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